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Are you winning if you're pinning?

If you've ever had a security assessment conducted on a mobile application, whether it be on an iOS or Android device, you may have been advised to implement certificate pinning within your application. However, what's the real security impact of not implementing pinning? This blog post takes a brief look at TLS and certificate pinning, the problem of trust in Certificate Authorities that pinning attempts to address, and discusses whether the lack of certificate pinning in a mobile application constitutes a vulnerability.
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Ruby 2.x Universal RCE Deserialization Gadget Chain

This blog post details exploitation of arbitrary deserialization for the Ruby programming language and releases the first public universal gadget chain to achieve arbitrary command execution for Ruby 2.x.
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Fuze Multi-Card Technology Security Review

Reviewing the security of the Fuze card device revealed no trust boundary between the card and the connecting device, which allowed complete access to the Fuze card's settings and stored credit-card information. This may easily be abused by malware, or direct connection by an attacker with momentary physical access, and was disclosed to the vendor in January 2018.
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Remote LD_PRELOAD Exploitation

Analysing a vulnerability in all versions of the GoAhead web server < 3.6.5 that allowed for reliable remote code execution via LD_PRELOAD injection.
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Building Hardened Docker Images from Scratch with Kubler

How to use Kubler to build hardened, minimalistic, Docker Images from scratch for better security
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