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We're a specialised independent company, made of a tight-knit passionate team.

Interested in joining us? See below to learn about our benefits and roles.

Benefits + Perks

Dedicated research time

Professional development budget

Performance based bonuses

Flexible work locations (office, home, etc.)

Flexible work hours

Travel opportunities

Health and wellness programs


Interested in working with us?
Expression Of Interest

Interested in potentially working with us if a suitable role was to open?

We're happy in talking to self-driven and passionate technical people about potential future opportunities.

Ideally, you'd have one or more skills in the following:

  • Embedded secure development and security engineering consulting
  • White-box security assessment for major languages (Java, .NET, Ruby, Python, Node.js, Haskell, etc.)
  • Embedded device security assessment (firmware and hardware hacking)
  • Low level application secure code review (C/C++, ARM/MIPS/Intel ASM)
  • Vulnerability research and exploit development
  • Red or blue team testing and consulting

To express your interest for any suitable roles that open in the future, please send your CV and challenge walk-through to the email address hidden here. We'll then setup a time to talk and hear more about you.

Application Process

  1. Submit your CV to us as described for the role you're applying for
  2. We will organise a first interview to learn more about you and your skillsets
  3. If you're suitable for a current open position, we'll continue with follow-up interviews